We are excited to present a session that every Matomo web analyst and digital enthusiast will find invaluable. Tomas Persson, a renowned Matomo expert from Sweden, will be sharing his top 5 best practices for Matomo Tag Manager (MTM)

About the speaker: Tomas Persson

Tomas Persson is not just an expert; he’s a seasoned practitioner. At Digitalist, he has been instrumental in configuring the TagManager for hundreds of websites. His experience has equipped him with insights that are both deep and wide-ranging. In this session, he will distill his knowledge into actionable best practices that can help you extract better data from your website using Matomo.

Here’s a sneak peek into his session:

  1. Cleaning up Data from Your Site
    • Using MTM might seem straightforward, but the data from your website or app can often be inconsistent or even contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Tomas will guide you on how to manage this data in MTM before sending it to Matomo.
  2. Data Structures for Events
    • The way you name your events can make or break your reporting in Matomo. Tomas will provide examples and ideas to help you structure your event naming effectively.
  3. Consent Management
    • In today’s digital age, managing consents correctly is paramount. Tomas will showcase examples of integrating a Consent Management Platform (CMP) with Matomo, ensuring you’re on the right side of data privacy regulations.
  4. Custom Search Tracking
    • While Matomo’s built-in search is user-friendly, advanced features like search count require a deeper understanding of MTM. Tomas will also delve into the challenges of dynamic/AJAX-based searches and how to navigate them.
  5. Accessing Data Relative to the clickElement
    • Clicking a button often necessitates fetching data dynamically from elements relative to that button. Tomas will demonstrate how this can be achieved seamlessly in MTM.

Q&A Session with Tomas Persson

The session will conclude with a Q&A segment, providing attendees a golden opportunity to pick Tomas’s brain about any aspect of Tag Management. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, this is your chance to get answers to those burning questions.