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We’re happy to announce that a conference 100% in Finnish will be at the program of next MatomoCamp. This conference will focus on the role of Matomo in B2B marketing.

What’s in this conference?

Join us for an enlightening conference dedicated to maximizing the potential of Matomo Analytics in the B2B landscape:

  • Matomo’s Interface Unveiled: Delve into the core features and reports of Matomo’s platform. Catering to both experts and beginners, this segment aims to refine your analytics process with invaluable insights.
  • B2B Event Tracking Decoded: Through hands-on examples, we’ll illuminate the essential events to monitor within a B2B company’s customer journey. Beyond identification, we’ll guide you on deriving meaningful conclusions from these results to inform actionable strategies.
  • Demystifying Event Set-Up: Bypass the complexities and get a clear overview of setting up various events. Specifically crafted for marketers, rest assured that this session is user-friendly with no coding expertise needed.

About the speaker: Mika Mäki

With two decades of experience in various expert roles within digital marketing, Mika Mäki is no stranger to the nuances of web analytics. Measurement has been at the heart of his journey, ensuring that web analytics tools, like Matomo, have been an integral part of his toolkit from the outset.

Over the years, Mika’s expertise has benefited over 1,000 clients, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to mammoth organizations with tens of thousands of employees.

Today, wearing the hat of the Co-founder and Head of Analytics at Digiteam, Mika is laser-focused on elevating his clients’ businesses. His passion for analytics has naturally positioned him as the go-to expert for configuring analytics for all of Digiteam’s 200+ clients.